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The West End Gardener’s has the most beautiful garden and home decor. The shop feels like an oversized gardening shed — but a really elegant one, like one Martha Stewart probably has. I’m forever stopping in to admire the understated pieces — weathered terra cotta pots, Adirondack chairs, ticking-covered pillows, rustic wire baskets and salvaged wood frames. I peeked in last week and noticed these adorable little miniature gardens they are calling fairy gardens.

West End Gardener Fairy Garden, Boulder, CO

West End Gardener Fairy Garden, Boulder, CO

As I took these pictures and peered into the mossy little habitat, my mind took a little trip down memory lane. My sister and I had a book called The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies when we were little, and we’d flip through and pick our favorite fairies. One of my favorites was the Buttercup Fairy. Anybody else remember this book?

buttercup fairy


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No, these photographs are not rotated the wrong way. These are the gravity-defying vertical gardens on either side of the entrance at Bayleaf gift shop on West Pearl. Love.




Inside Bayleaf are more gorgeous treasures — mostly imported from Europe. Check out the fancy sea salts, pastis glasses, lagioule knives and coffee table books on European decorating.

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