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So, yeah. It’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve still been out enjoying Boulder as much as ever, but a busy work schedule has kept me from telling you all about it for the past few months.

I’m also eight months pregnant, and late nights in front of the laptop just don’t happen much anymore.

I’m hoping that my approaching new-parent status will inspire me to write more about my adventures in Boulder from new perspectives. In fact, I thought I’d start right now.

During this long, hot summer, during which I’ve swelled to the size of a hippopotamus, I have discovered new, pregnant-friendly places in Boulder (I now know all the best restrooms on Pearl Street, for instance).

I wanted to tell you about one special place, in particular, that tops my list: A Mellow Mood spa. Billing itself as a “family spa,” A Mellow Mood specializes in prenatal and postnatal spa treatments by miracle worker Heather Lynn. She’s one of those people who you’re around for one minute before you’re smiling and realizing her infectiousness has transformed your mood. Not only is she just a sweet gal, but her knowledge of the pregnant body and how to position it just right for a joint-relieving, muscle-reviving massage (LOTS of squishy pillows are involved) is also unmatched. She’ll even give baby an in-utero massage, if you choose.

What makes A Mellow Mood a “family” spa? On-the-spot childcare is available for parents who need some pampering but can’t find a babysitter. There are plenty of other special touches, too, including freshly baked cookies to top off your already delicious spa treatment.

A Mellow MoodIn these last days of my pregnancy, I’m hoping to make it back to Heather Lynn for a final pampering session before, well, everything changes. I’m also hoping to make a few more blog posts, but if the little one has other plans, then I’ll see you sometime…on the other side.


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Needing to put our feet to the earth and breathe some fresh air, my sister and I set out for a hike on Saturday. We hadn’t been to the Settlers’ Park trailhead since this summer, and we thought it might be fairly sunny and mud free (it was!).

We hiked up to the Red Rocks, which always reminds me of the New Year’s Eve when we climbed up here, found a perch on one of the fins and watched the celebrations and fireworks below — one of the best New Year’s ever.

We continued on the Anemone Trail, overlooking Canyon Road. There were only a few other people out on Saturday, but they were enjoying the sun and warm rocks as much as we were:

Settlers' Park and Red Rocks, Boulder, Colorado

Settlers' Park and Red Rocks, Boulder, Colorado

Thank you, Old Man Winter, for throwing us a warm and sunny Saturday!

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Have you ever crested the hill between Louisville and Boulder, while heading west on the turnpike, and admired that little pale yellow house off to the left, across the highway from the Davidson Mesa lookout?

House on hill between Boulder and Louisville, Colorado

It is surrounded by gently rolling hills and valleys and just so happens to overlook the most spectacular view of the Flatirons in all of Boulder County.

I always wonder who this house belongs to. It’s so unassuming. It hasn’t changed a bit in years, as far as I can tell.

Sometimes on warm summer days, the doors and windows are flung open and you can see straight in the front door through the back door to blue sky on the other side. What must the breeze feel like up there, coming down off the foothills and in through the windows?

Can you imagine the sunsets they must see from their kitchen window?

According to City of Boulder maps, it looks like it is located on open space, so perhaps the city owns the house and no one really lives there. If you know this to be true, please don’t tell me.

I’d rather go on believing there’s someone there, cherishing their perch above our beautiful city.

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Something kind of nice is happening right now. I’ve got a warm and fuzzy feeling going on.

No, the cat isn’t licking my toes again.

Turns out, returning to this blog after a couple of weeks away is kind of…comforting. Almost like coming home. Okay, yeah, that was a really cheesy thing to say, but I truthfully did get that sensation for a moment.

When I made my first post to this blog in June of last year (it sounds weird to be saying “last year” already, doesn’t it?), I would not have predicted that I would eventually feel this way. I worried it might grow to feel too much like work. But I’ve truly had a blast sharing my photos, musings and my undying love of Boulder with you all.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to be here more often in 2010.

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