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Fall does not seem especially conducive to a sense of new beginnings (springtime is a much more likely candidate). Nevertheless, every year I feel a kind of awakening with autumn’s arrival.

Maybe because for so long it was a time when you’d have to summon all your energies and head back to school. Or maybe it’s just something about the smell of the air and the super-saturated colors.

This weekend we drove up past the barely-town of Eldora to the Fourth of July Trailhead with plans to hike and take photographs. The weather didn’t get the memo.

Still, it was beautiful if a little drizzly. And golden yellows seemed to be everywhere I turned.

A Little Yellow Canoe

Yellow Canoe

Yellow-shirted Husband

Yellow-Shirted Husband

Yellow-centered daisies

Yellow-Eyed Daisies

That song “Mellow Yellow” kept running through my brain. Perhaps it was nature’s way of telling me to relax, refocus and just…take it all in.


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