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Hey, gearheads! It’s back! The GoLite Warehouse sale starts Saturday, Nov. 12 at 9am. See ya there.


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I’ve written about GoLite warehouse sales a lot on this blog. And that’s because they rock.

Looks like GoLite is taking their sales on the road, with several “pop-up” events.

There’s one starting in Boulder tomorrow morning. Check it out.

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From the owners of Violette — you know, that cute-as-pie clothing shop next to Bliss on Pearl and 17th — comes a new boutique called Lilli, located just across the street. I stopped by the other day to check it out, and despite the alarmingly unnecessary comma in their sign (see below) and the matronly clothes in the front window (the shop is clearly aiming to balance out Violette’s younger demographic), I was pleasantly surprised and tempted by plenty of stylish garments inside. Among them: a cream bohemian blouse that would great with skinny jeans and cognac boots and a lot of comfy (yet adorably cut) jersey tops, cardigans and dresses.


Lilli on Pearl - Love Boulder Blog

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Firefly Handmade Holiday Craft Show

You won’t see any “Bless This Home” wooden plaques or teddy-bear adorned quilts at this particular craft market. Boulder’s crafters have really upped the hip factor on handmade goods, and the dozens of vendors at today’s Firefly Handmade Holiday Market (happening all weekend in the Boulder Co-Op space at Pearl and 19th) is proof.

The creativity and quality at this show was staggering. The only problem? These savvy crafters know they’ve got a good thing going, and consequently, the prices reflect it. But if you’re looking for truly unique, one-of-a-kind, locally made gifts — and you’re willing to drop a little more for quality — make sure you stop by tomorrow between 10am and 3pm.

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You know how I love me a bargain, and the GoLite warehouse sales are aisles, racks and boxes overflowing with bargains. Last time I went, the deals were incredible. I’m hoping for a repeat performance on April 23-25.

GoLite Warehouse Sale April 2010Reminder: For the best deals, you need to get there first thing on opening day, Friday, April 23. See ya there!

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Boulder Farmers' Market, Boulder, CO

Oh glorious spring! You’re finally here!

Saturday was the first day of the Boulder Farmers’ Market, a sure signal that spring has arrived and summer is just around the bend.

There were just a few people there to check it out.

Boulder Farmers' Market, Boulder, CO

Aside from a wee bit of wind, it was a lovely, sunny spring day. Vendors had lots of young seedlings, lettuce and other early crops for sale.

Boulder Farmers' Market, Boulder, CO

Abbondanza farms had a particularly large bounty, including a precious selection of eggs in unusual colors — aqua, powder blue, amber, brown and apricot. (Unusual, that is, to those of us who didn’t grow up around hens.)

They were steeply priced at $7 a dozen, but I’ve been searching for a small, local source for eggs (If you’ve read anything about the poultry industry, you know that “cage-free, vegetarian fed” doesn’t mean a whole lot when you’re talking about grocery store eggs), so I sprung for a half dozen to try them out. What the heck; it was the day before Easter!

Boulder Farmers' Market

Photo by Eric Gray.

Boulder Farmers' Market

Photo by Eric Gray.

The next day, I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of the prized eggs before we fried them up for breakfast.

Boulder Farmers' Market eggs, Boulder, COBoulder Farmers' Market eggs, Boulder, COThey were delicious and had bright orange yolks, just as promised by the Abbondanza fellow at the market.

I’m so looking forward to a long season of discovering more treasures at the farmers’ market!

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When someone invites you to a party with the words “Naked Ladies” in the subject line and the venue is the home of someone named Cher, you automatically RSVP “yes,” right?

I got such an e-mail from my friend Josie recently. Five seconds into the e-mail, I realized that, while it wouldn’t be as gossip-worthy as I’d thought, this so-called Naked Ladies party was a very cool, very eco- and budget-friendly idea. The concept is this: All the invitees clean out their closets and come to the party to swap unwanted, gently worn clothes with like-minded ladies who are all eager to do a little shopping — without spending a dime.

Here’s how it went down:

Josie, I and our lovely friend Lisa, threw a few bags of our old clothes into Josie’s car and carpooled to Cher’s apartment. We walked up to the adorable little Mapleton Hill house and dodged the wheel of a mountain bike, which was blocking a good third of the doorway, to get inside (can’t get more Boulder than that; love it).

Inside, clothes covered every available surface. The method to this madness was promptly explained to us: Tops and accessories were spread out in the living room, while bottoms were in a room off the kitchen. The kitchen itself was full of the delicious food that everyone had brought — freshly baked gluten-free bread, a simmering pot of squash soup, spinach-and-cheese fritters — and plenty of wine.

I began adding my clothes to the piles when a pale, leggy figure enter my peripheral vision — dressed only in her skivvies. “May as well make this as efficient as possible,” she said, trying on a hip little floral dress that ended up being a crowd favorite.

Once we all had a chance to peruse and try things on — with widely varying levels of modesty — each person drew a number from a hat. Number one (which just happened to be our lucky pal Josie) got first pick from the most-coveted items. She chose an adorable gray cardigan that had silver threads woven into it — one of the items that had everyone asking, “Why would anyone get rid of that?”

I managed to patiently endure the wait through numbers 2-16 and then quickly nabbed my (miraculously still-unclaimed) favorite item, this cute and comfy cotton fleece zip jacket:

Boulder Naked Ladies party

After everyone’s number had been called, it was free-for-all time. We all started grabbing what we wanted out of the remaining items, being courteous if other ladies were eying the same thing. I got a swimsuit that I’d almost purchased this summer (can you say “meant to be”?), a super-soft basic white long-sleeve Gap tee, a beautiful merino wool scarf (with the tag still on!) and a sweet, pointelle-knit cami.

Once the shopping frenzy died down, we basically drank wine, nibbled food and admired each others’ treasures.

Maybe the most rewarding part of the evening? Anything that wasn’t claimed was bagged up to be donated. And it turned out to be a enormous pile of really nice clothes. Hooray!

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