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Boulder Farmers' Market, Boulder, CO

Oh glorious spring! You’re finally here!

Saturday was the first day of the Boulder Farmers’ Market, a sure signal that spring has arrived and summer is just around the bend.

There were just a few people there to check it out.

Boulder Farmers' Market, Boulder, CO

Aside from a wee bit of wind, it was a lovely, sunny spring day. Vendors had lots of young seedlings, lettuce and other early crops for sale.

Boulder Farmers' Market, Boulder, CO

Abbondanza farms had a particularly large bounty, including a precious selection of eggs in unusual colors — aqua, powder blue, amber, brown and apricot. (Unusual, that is, to those of us who didn’t grow up around hens.)

They were steeply priced at $7 a dozen, but I’ve been searching for a small, local source for eggs (If you’ve read anything about the poultry industry, you know that “cage-free, vegetarian fed” doesn’t mean a whole lot when you’re talking about grocery store eggs), so I sprung for a half dozen to try them out. What the heck; it was the day before Easter!

Boulder Farmers' Market

Photo by Eric Gray.

Boulder Farmers' Market

Photo by Eric Gray.

The next day, I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of the prized eggs before we fried them up for breakfast.

Boulder Farmers' Market eggs, Boulder, COBoulder Farmers' Market eggs, Boulder, COThey were delicious and had bright orange yolks, just as promised by the Abbondanza fellow at the market.

I’m so looking forward to a long season of discovering more treasures at the farmers’ market!


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I have found unexpected joys in the recent chilly days. Summer is a surfeit of sunny weather that makes me regretful if I’m not out there enjoying it all the time. It’s kind of exhausting.

Now I can luxuriate in time spent in front of my laptop, the TV or the sewing machine. I can go through the pile of magazines overflowing from the basket in the living room. I can make popcorn the old-fashioned way and bake cupcakes — and frost them properly, too. All without a twinge of guilt (I’m not going to have to wear a bathing suit for seven months anyway! Wheeee!).

That is, until I realized this weekend was the second to last for the Boulder Farmers’ Market. Sigh. (Guilt pipes up: “You mustn’t waste what will surely be one of the last beautiful days of the year! And a last chance at the farmers’ market! For shame!”)

So I got off my rear, grabbed my camera and headed down there. Thanks, Guilt.

peppers and tomatoes

feet and wheat

gwen and flowers

These two photos by Eric Gray.

pumpkins and view

This Saturday, November 7 is the last Boulder Farmers’ Market of the season. Take a cue from the little guy below and seize the day.


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