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I’ve written about GoLite warehouse sales a lot on this blog. And that’s because they rock.

Looks like GoLite is taking their sales on the road, with several “pop-up” events.

There’s one starting in Boulder tomorrow morning. Check it out.


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You know how I love me a bargain, and the GoLite warehouse sales are aisles, racks and boxes overflowing with bargains. Last time I went, the deals were incredible. I’m hoping for a repeat performance on April 23-25.

GoLite Warehouse Sale April 2010Reminder: For the best deals, you need to get there first thing on opening day, Friday, April 23. See ya there!

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So I fully intended to get this up first thing this morning, but I was working at Saxy’s and left my card reader at home. Doh! Anyway, if you’re still interested in catching the sale this afternoon or tomorrow, here’s my account:

Eric and I got to the GoLite warehouse sale at about 7:50am, stood in line in the freezing cold for 10 minutes with other excited and friendly shoppers and then parted ways to dash to the sample racks (where the best deals are — if you wear medium). That’s when the friendliness was suspended momentarily and the frantic grabbing started.

GoLite Warehouse Sale, Dec 2009, Boulder, CO

Thankfully, I’m on the tall side and was able to reach above everyone to the top racks and grab the only remaining charcoal gray zip-neck fleece. Whew, close one.

I also got a new puffy quilted down jacket that fits like a glove. Joy!

Eric scored some base layers.

GoLite Warehouse Sale, Dec 2009, Boulder, CO

After the initial rush, folks seemed to calm down a little and returned to their normal friendly Boulder selves, chatting in line and helping one another locate the real bargains.

The best part of the sale: the prices were much lower than the last few I’d been to. For example, the DriMove zip-neck pullovers were only 17 bucks this time, compared to $23-25 at previous sales. Everything seemed to have a slightly lower price point. A great opportunity to check a few people off your Christmas list.

The warehouse sale continues through the weekend:

Sat. 9-5
Sun. 9-5
6230 Lookout Rd. in Gunbarrel

Happy shopping!

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Gear heads rejoice. Here is an update on times for the GoLite sale this weekend.

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Oh happy day. It’s almost that time again! The amazing GoLite Warehouse Sale returns on Dec. 4.

I’ll definitely be stocking up on DriMove long-sleeve zip-neck pullovers (can’t have enough of these and they always have the best colors). Could a new insulated parka also be in my future?

If you’ve never been to a GoLite Warehouse Sale before, here’s what you want to do: Show up on the first day (Friday) before 8am and get in line early. This is key because some of the best deals are the sample items — usually one-offs — and they go fast!

See ya there!

GoLite Warehouse SaleThanks, E, for sending this my way!

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